KREAM Halloween Thriller 4.0

Party 2019


KREAM Karnage Freshers

Party 2019


AMBUSH x Apps Living Freshers

Party 2019


KREAM FXXK Exams End of Term Party 2019


KREAM's 12th Year Anniversary 

Party 2019


KREAM Lunar New Year

Party 2019


KREAM Halloween Thriller 3.0 Party 2018


KREAM Best Dressed Halloween Competition 2018


KREAM Freshers' Bootcamp 2.0 Party 2018


KREAM End of Term World Cup Party 2018


KREAM'S 11th Year Anniversary Party 2018 


KREAM Lunar Wonderland Festival 2018


KREAM Thriller Halloween Party 2017


KREAM Halloween Fancy Dress Competition 2017


KREAM Back 2 School Freshers' Party 2017



KREAM End of Term Denim Party 2017


KREAM's 10th Year Anniversary Carnival Party 2017​


KREAM Lunar New Year

Party 2017


KREAM Jingle Jam Christmas

Party 2016



KREAM Halloween Thriller Party 2016


KREAM Freshers' Boot Camp

Party 2016



KREAM Pre-Euro Cup Party 2016


KREAM's 9th Year Anniversary Fire and Ice Party 2016


KREAM Lunar New Year

Party 2016


KREAM White Christmas

Party 2015



KREAM Halloween Party 2015


KREAM Best Dressed Halloween Competition 2015



KREAM  Karnage Freshers' Party 2015


KREAM End of Term Playboy Mansion Strippers Party 2015


KREAM's 8th Year Anniversary Aces Party 2015


KREAM Lunar New Year

Party 2015


KREAM x Nocturnal x UoB Korean Society Christmas Party 2014


KREAM Heaven or Hell Halloween Party 2014


KREAM Best Dressed Halloween Competition 2014


KREAM Freshers' Detention

Party 2014


KREAM End of Term Beach

Party 2014


KREAM's 7th Year Anniversary Traffic Light Party 2014


KREAM Chinese New Year

Party 2014


KREAM National Christmas Royale Ball and Talent Show ft. Traphik & Lil Crazed 2013


KREAM Devilicious Halloween Party 2013


KREAM Best Dressed Halloween Competition 2013



KREAM Karnage Freshers' Party 2013


KREAM End of Term Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party 2013


KREAM's 6th Year Anniversary Pole Dance Party 2013



KREAM Chinese New Year Party 2013​



KREAM K-Pop Party 2012



KREAM Halloween Party 2012


KREAM Freshers' School Uniform

Party 2012


KREAM's 5th Year Anniversary Pre-Olympic Party 2012



KREAM Chinese New Year 2012



KREAM Christmas Party 2011



KREAM K-Pop Party 2011


KREAM Traphik & Lil Crazed Live Performance Halloween Party 2011


KREAM Freshers' Detention

Party 2011


KREAM's 4th Year Anniversary Strippers Party 2011


KREAM Chinese New Year

Party 2011


KREAM Devilicious Halloween Party 2010


KREAM Detention Freshers' School Uniform Party 2010

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